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Supporting children in maintaining healthy relationships with food and body

Let’s extract health from weight focus, and look at some real things that parents can do to support their child in navigating our diet focused culture, and develop a healthy relationship with food and body.

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Holding space for diverse bodies in our practice rooms - reflections on inclusive practice for helping professionals

For Eating Disorder Awareness Week, with the themes 'come as you are' (US theme) and 'breaking down barriers' (UK theme), it's an opportunity for professionals to reflect on our practice, and ensure that they are really 'walking the walk'.

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Ban ‘she looks so anorexic’ from your vocab this Eating Disorder Awareness Week

When research shows that atypical anorexia is three times more prevalent than of sufferers have a higher BMI, we see that atypical anorexia is actually… typical.

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