Concentric Counselling





Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a valuable opportunity for therapeutic practitioners and similar professionals to come together, engage in up-to-date and informative learning that enhances practice, whilst also providing space for self care, personal reflection, and networking.

All three upcoming training days will be at The Walled Nursery, and participants benefit from the naturally therapeutic environment that supports us as we engage in often challenging work. In the discreet Wellness Centre, we are provided a confidential professional space, within an uplifting setting focused on self care, growth, and restoration.

These training days will benefit counsellors, psychotherapists and other therapeutic professionals. They will also be of value to teachers, social workers, refuge workers, and family support workers.

What’s included:

  • An in-depth focused presentation with PowerPoint, small group work, and personal reflection time, in a dedicated and confidential professional space;

  • A comprehensive workbook to accompany the training;

  • Delicious refreshments throughout the day, including lunch in The Vinery Cafe;

  • Free parking;

  • Attendance certificate.

The cost:

The Earlybird price for each of these days is £99, rising to £125 a month before each event.
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working with domestic and sexual violence

incorporating a feminist perspective

WHEN: Friday 26 April 2019, 9.30-4.30pm



This course offers an introduction to working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and incorporates a feminist worldview to enhance both theoretical understanding and therapeutic experience when working with this client group. This day focuses on a strengths based, trauma informed approach to providing support to those affected by this relationship dynamic.

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Working with adult children of alcoholics

the state of being double

WHEN: Friday 5 July 2019, 9.30-4.30pm



This course explores working with Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOAs). The impact of a childhood in the shadow of addiction can last well into adulthood, and the consequences can be very difficult for our clients to deal with. We will look at the experience of the child of an alcoholic, and the lasting impact of growing up in a dysfunctional family set up.

This training day will incorporate an understanding of trauma, and is strengths based and affirmative.

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working with disordered eating, chronic dieting and body image

incorporating a non diet approach

WHEN: Friday 11 October, 9.30-4.30pm



This course focuses on working with clients who face challenges with disordered eating, chronic dieting, and body image issues, and is based in a non diet and weight neutral approach, incorporating Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and radical body positivity.

This day focuses on an affirmative, dynamic and weight inclusive paradigm of work.

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discounted rate for bulk purchase of all three events

save 10% by booking all three events together


Take advantage of a 10% discount when you purchase all three events at the same time, and ensure you don't miss out on any info! This is further reduced if you take advantage of the Earlybird discount, which ends on 26 March 2019.