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Working within The Walled Nursery


The Walled Nursery has been one of my favourite places for some time - Emma and Monty have done such a wonderful job creating a little nurturing, gentle haven. I love spending quiet minutes working slowly down the rows of plants in the gardens - so tactile to touch the plants and soil. The cafe is the perfect place for some nourishing food and delicious coffee. And sitting in the grounds is a great opportunity to take five minutes away from the rest of the world, and be able to breathe deeply.


So, when looking for new therapeutic space in the area, my eyes very quickly rested upon the little shepherd's hut in the grounds. I left one day clutching a contact number, with the intention of telephoning and discussing the possibility of sharing space with the woman who was currently using the hut for massage and reiki treatments. And, then, I didn't. I didn't make contact for a couple of weeks; nearly a month. That's ok - decisions don't need to be rushed, and important decisions sometimes take even more time.

As I sat with the decision, it made more and more sense to me. What does The Walled Nursery represent? A place of nurturing and care. A place of containment, boundaries and safety. A place of deep respect and patience, in which the natural urge for growth is honoured. These are powerful messages. It's important to find the right location for counselling - it's a place to be intimate, and the wrong surroundings can be inhibiting and restrictive. The more I thought about the nursery, the more I was inspired by how naturally therapeutic the nursery was. Nurturing, care, respect, patience, honour, containment, boundaries, safety... counselling. Because, of course, the implicit characteristics of the nursery also define, so wonderfully, the power and potential of counselling. A place to heal, to change and to grow.

Naturally, when I made the call, it all worked out beautifully. Emma and Monty have a really wonderful sense of responsibility and stewardship for the nursery; it makes the place feel very safe, and in extremely good hands. They have a vision for the nursery, and for the potential that it offers, that is exciting and inclusive; their welcome to me has been so lovely. The staff are friendly, warm and inviting. There is good parking, and the cafe and grounds act as a 'decompression chamber'; if you don't want to head straight out into the real world after a session, there is plenty of time to explore the rows of plants, to sit quietly in a corner with a coffee, or to browse in the glasshouses.

The Walled Nursery - certainly the most natural place for a counselling space!