Concentric Counselling



welcome to the concentric journal


Why Concentric?

When I was working on creating Concentric Counselling, there were plenty of decisions to make. One of the biggest, as with so many businesses, was choosing the name. Naming a counselling practice is a weighty task - first impressions count for so much. I'm aware of how challenging it can be to make the first step to finding a counsellor, and I wanted to make sure the name gave some idea of what my practice is all about.

Sitting and writing down important words was the first step. What did I want people to experience in their therapeutic experience? SAFETY. SECURITY. CONNECTION. EMPATHY. CONTACT. AUTHENTICITY. PROCESS. WELLBEING. ATTACHMENT. These are all central concepts to counselling, and to healing. I considered my own approach to therapy - what do I believe about counselling? What do I believe about people? 



Well, I believe that we heal in connection with others - it's our ancient and intuitive method of recovery. I believe that people are good, capable of change, and have within them an innate ability to change and heal. And I believe that counselling is the ideal place to harness our unique capacity for healing and recovery.



I believe these concepts are all embodied in the image of the circle. The circle represents the safe space of the counselling room - a 'holding space', where it's my intention that you feel able to 'be', authentic and without judgement. A place where you feel supported, understood and accepted. When you feel life is too challenging and difficult, the counselling space offers a place of hope and potential. When we feel comfortable to truly be ourselves and be accepted, change can begin. When we feel secure and safe, we are able to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and to gently challenge ourselves to change and grow. We get to the core of things; we get to the centre.

The rings of the Concentric Counselling speech bubble are intended to be like ripples on a pond, or the lens of a camera, or the rings of a tree - each circle gets us closer to the core - to the focus of our work. At the core is where the most potent energy is found, and it's where the healing takes place. I hope this is your experience of Concentric Counselling.