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Snow policy

Dear all

Down here in the depths of Hawkhurst and Goudhurst, we are blanketed in a thick covering of snow. Sessions at The Walled Nursery today are cancelled, as the nursery is closed and Water Lane is currently ungritted, uncleared, and impassable! 

With more snow being forecast for Thursday and Friday, we'll play it by ear for sessions in Goudhurst, and will likely to have to do the same for sessions at the nursery on Saturday.

Clients are aware that I have a 48 hour cancellation policy; this is because we have both made an agreement to maintain consistency and contract throughout our sessions. It's important that we uphold this agreement, so that boundaries are reliable and we both 'know the score'. 

However, in exceptional circumstances such as snow, there is of course no charge. It is sensible for us to see what the conditions are like on the day, so it isn't possible for you to give 48 hours notice. And, If I'm not able to safely get to the session, then I can't offer your our agreed upon service; it wouldn't be ethical of me to charge for a session I couldn't attend. Our safety is the most important thing, and I don't want us to endanger ourselves by attempting to avoid a cancellation charge for circumstances out of your control.

It may be that we are able to change your appointment to later in the week, and we can organise that during our cancellation conversation; you may also wish to consider a telephone appointment instead. However, for some of you these options might not be possible or preferable, and if that is the case we will simply see each other at our next agreed session. 

As the snow clears and the roads become usable again, we will be able to safely resume contact, and return to our usual cancellation policy in our agreement.

I trust you to do what is reasonable to get to your appointment, but I don't expect you to do more than that. Stay safe.

A photo sent to me by Emma at The Walled Nursery this morning, of our lovely hut. 

A photo sent to me by Emma at The Walled Nursery this morning, of our lovely hut.