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Take a listen to my guest spot on The Curious Parent podcast

Well, this was a fun thing that happened recently... I was invited to be a guest on a great new podcast, The Curious Parent. It has been developed for busy parents to support them in getting their children world-ready - how to equip your children with resources that will support them as they develop their independence and navigate the world. Francesca is also developing the Happy Self Journal, so this is a woman on a mission to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our children.

Francesca was great to work with, and asked really interesting questions - a fantastic opportunity to have a conversation with a like-minded person... that you all can benefit from as well! Amongst other things, we discussed child stress, the power of creativity, the importance of boundaries and action, and how we can develop whole-family healthy relationships with technology.

I've been listening to the other episodes and there are a fantastic group of pros brought together for your interest and enjoyment - you can check it out here or on your fave podcast platform.