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Have a read of my Intuitive Eating guest article for Fatventure Mag!

I'm delighted to be a contributor to this ace new magazine, focusing on and featuring people of size who want to participate in an active lifestyle but don’t want to participate in restrictive and punitive ol’ diet culture!

Here’s my first piece, an introduction to Intuitive Eating for all those of you who are interested in this way of living but don’t know where to start.

Recovery from diet culture, restrictive eating and disordered eating is something I’m really passionate about, and Intuitive Eating is a great strand to incorporate in the therapy room when we’re working with this stuff.

If you would like support in resolving food and body challenges, and think you might like to work with me, just get in touch using the details below.

I hope the article is helpful, and do leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback!

Link: Intuitive Eating: A Brief Introduction